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Strategic Planning

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Project Highlight: Parkway Tavern

The Parkway Tavern is one of my favorite spots in all of Washington… maybe even the world. I was honored to develop some new merchandise for the 2023 Holiday Season. I’m looking forward to seeing this guy around town. 

Current & Recent Projects

Restoration Builders

My largest project to date. As the Creative Director for Market Tactics, I am responsible for every visual aspect of Restoration Builders. Click to Learn More About This Journey. 

Marysville Martial Arts

This was a fun project for Marysville Martial Arts. Focused on their program Kungfu 4 Kids, they developed branded Valentine’s cards. It was a fun project. Click to see more. 


Another fun brand for a local fitness gym here in Tacoma. This is one of the rare occasions where the first draft was the only draft. The rest was history. Learn more about this great MT Project. 

Alpha Railing

Neighbors helping neighbors. Alpha Railing Company is a family-owned residential and railing company. They also used to live in the same apartment as me. Learn how this all came together!

About Doug

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